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Acupressure is an ancient Chinese healing method that involves the use of finger or hand pressure on certain points on the body to unblock the flow of vital energy or Qi (pronounced chee), to release tension and restore inner equilibrium. It works within the philosophy of traditional Chinese medical theories and uses the same meridian system, acupoints and diagnostic procedures as acupuncture (but without the needles).
Points Acupressure's real use is as a healthcare, self-care technique for promoting health balance and preventing disease and disorders. It can also be used as an effective tool for easing and curing common, minor ailments or as an adjunct to therapy for more serious conditions. Acupressure can be used in conjunction with whatever treatment you are currently receiving to assist the body in gradually restoring its natural healing mechanisms and good health. What happens during an acupressure session? Before I begin, you should briefly tell me which part of your body needs attention. I use various hand techniques which concentrate on specific acupressure points, energy trigger points, muscles and joints surrounding the affected area. All manipulation is performed by the hands or fingers. Some people can feel the energy from my palms. Wear loose, comfortable clothing to your session (no belts preferred). You will remain fully clothed and will lie on a comfortable, padded table during the session while relaxing music plays in the background. A session lasts about 30 minutes.
After your acupressure session...
Rest, relax and drink plenty of water. What are some of the benefits of acupressure? Relieves stress and muscle tension Improves Sleep Restores energy and vitality Relieves stiff and aching joints Supports recovery from illness or injury Relieves back pain Promotes overall good health Acupressure may relieve: Joint stiffness Lower back pain Headaches Stress Depression Sinus problems Tennis elbow Leg Pain Muscle spasms Migraines. How long will each session last? We schedule each hands-on client session for 30 minutes.
The first-time visitor should schedule one hour. This session includes evaluation and acupressure. You also need to come to the office 15 minutes before the scheduled time in order to fill out the forms. We always suggest that our clients come to the office 5 minutes before the session starts. Taking a few deep breaths can help you relax.

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