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Dream Herbal Tea - The best part of the fall and the weather getting cooler, is a big mug of delicious tea. This is my favorite tea, it is a perfect blend for centering the mind and relaxing your body. I love drinking this tea right before bedtime, I find it helps relax and prepare me for a great night of sleep. I love the how the flowers and cinnamon blend with just a hint a spearmint and cardamon. It has a sweet and spicy taste. All of our teas are made with certified organic herbs. This tea comes in 2 ounces loose leaf with a reusable muslin bag. This tea contains: licorice root, spearmint, chamomile, lavender, cinnamon, skullcap, cardamon pod, orange rind, rose hips and stevia. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose or prevent any disease.

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