FLACS "Turbo" Aesthetic Flip Flops, Arragon Brown Merino Leather

FLACS "Turbo" Aesthetic Flip Flops, Arragon Brown Merino Leather

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America's new favorite flip flop.

Aesthetically Engineered

FLACS is a flaco (meaning thin) flip flop, aesthetically engineered to look great for all your occasions.  Go from the beach to dinner or from ship to shore.  They're designed for guys, gals, and kids.

Our customers "Love Them" ... you will too.

Inspired by Leather Seats of fine sports cars.

The most comfortable flip flop

You'll love the way the soft vegan leather and "stuff in the middle" conforms to your shape and hugs your foot.  Over a short time the flip flops create their own own custom fit.

They're made with an enhanced strap that has a matching BRANKLET.

For a limited time your flip flop comes with a genuine FLACS Branklet.  It is usable as a bracelet or anklet. 

FLACS are durable, they can go anywhere you take them  And they look great every step of the way.  All the leather surfaces are made from vegan leather.  

Family flip flops.Made for adults, kids, unisex.


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