Rainforest Curves ~ Sterling Silver Earrings

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These Rhyolite stones are also known as "Rainforest Jasper" for a reason - they have a gorgeous pattern of greens, whites, subtle yellows and rust colors - making you feel surrounded by the forest. They hang on sleek, hammered, anti-tarnish Argentium - The Finest Sterling Silver. I form the wire into a dangle style earring, gently curving it around a wooden circular mold, then hammer its end for a sleek, modern look.

  • Ear wire material: anti-tarnish Argentium® Sterling Silver
  • Length of earring from post: about 1-1/2". The longer dangling back is about 1" long.
  • Stone: Rhyolite (aka Rainforest Jasper), 6mm
  • Hypoallergenic/Nickel-Free: Yes
  • Earrings will come on a Handmade In Conifer earring card in a 3” square silver gift box wrapped with a ribbon!

Rhyolite is said to light the fire of creativity within the soul. It also connects you to Planet Earth, the joy of being alive, the energy of growth and the desire to be in balance with nature.

About Argentium® Sterling Silver
Argentium® – The Finest Silver - is a purer version of Sterling Silver that is also highly tarnish resistant. Standard "Sterling Silver" is an alloy composed of 92.5% silver. Argentium® is made with 93.5% silver. For my jewelry, the biggest benefit of using Argentium® Sterling Silver is that it is anti-tarnish. Argentium® jewelry is always hypoallergenic. Note: do not clean Argentium® with standard Sterling Silver "dip" cleaners.

In addition to these benefits, Argentium® is responsibly manufactured, is ethically sourced, and is certified to be made with 100% recycled silver.


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