Tree Agate Power Stone Bracelet

Tree Agate Power Stone Bracelet

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Tree Agate is a semiprecious stone that symbolizes inner peace, oneness, and meditation. The wearer of the Tree Agate Power Stone Bracelet will be powered up with these qualities.

Use Tree Agate to reconnect with nature and the abundance that comes from the earth. The winding bands of green symbolize roots growing deep, realizing you are always one with nature and honing your ability to feel safe where you are. Great for a city dweller who misses their verdant home, or a wanderer seeking stability.

Power Stone Bracelets are made from genuine semiprecious stones surrounded by solid brass beads and securely strung on adjustable cord bracelets. Each bracelet comes on a card describing its unique set of powers.

Being amazing is hard work, let this power stone recharge you when you are zapped!


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