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Prana Violet Healing teaches us how to consciously increase the quantity of Prana in our body and how to use it to heal our health problems.

The Sun, the planet Earth and other stars and planets, the trees, the seas, the mountains around us – we all share our origin to one Creator and we all are family members in this universe with a profound invisible connection amongst us. Our thoughts and emotions will instantly connect us to our cosmic counterparts.

We can consciously ask for Prana from the Sun and Earth and trees for our well being and the only requirement is Gratitude and Appreciation. You can add more words that you wish to the given affirmations below

Receiving Sun Prana : Stand facing the Sun with your palms open and in any language of your choice say this affirmation.

O Divine Sun Thank you for being there for all of us, Thank you for giving light and life to all beings. Please give me some of your energy to heal me and to rejuvenate me. Thank you Thank you Thank you

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